MD News, August 2014

PressureGuardian: A Revolutionary Advance in Wound Care

"TCOP’s active participation in early stage product development prompted the creation of Tillges Technologies. One of the most exciting advancements they’ve introduced is PressureGuardian, a product combining sophisticated, instantaneous pressure load measurement with a compatible app."

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O&P Business News, September 2013

Wireless Sensor Detects Diabetic Ulcer Pressures

“We really didn’t have a tool to determine if we were taking enough pressure off the wound site to speed healing,” Mike Tillges, CPO, a practitioner at Tillges Certified Orthotic Prosthetic Inc. (TCOP), told O&P Business News. “So we took the next step and developed a clinical tool to determine if we are doing our job correctly and the orthosis is fitting correctly, taking pressure off the wound area." 

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, July 2013

Startup launches app, device for fighting diabetic ulcers

"Tillges Technologies, a startup spun out of a Twin Cities prosthetics firm, is preparing to roll out a mobile app and electronic sensor designed to help diabetic ulcers heal.

Practitioners at Maplewood-based Tillges Certified Orthotic Prosthetic Inc. (TCOP) came up with the idea for the product after seeking a way to measure the amount of pressure a foot brace places on a wound, said Michael Tillges, a co-founder of the startup and a mechanical engineer." 

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